Saturday, November 7, 2009

Winter is Here

As of this week I can officially say that winter is here. The climate on the central coast tends to perch itself right around 75 degrees, and stay there for the most part of the year. Don't get me wrong, I love the sunny weather. But when it starts getting closer to the holidays, there's nothing more I look forward to than cold days with warm blankets and fires. Now the affect the weather change has on a girls wardrobe can be equally as exciting (if you want it to be), but it also has it's drawbacks. For me personally, it's having to toss the open toed heels in the closet for something more winter appropriate. I am a HUGE fan of boots, love love love them, but I can't give up heels for a whole season! Determined not to let this change of weather dampen my spirits, I have chosen my favorite cold weather shoes. Enjoy!

Winter shoes
Winter shoes by Stephanie

Items in this set:
Jessica Simpson boots, $199
UGG Australia boots, $180 shoes, $90
Steve Madden shoes, $83
Michael Antonio boots, $60

Information not included in this set are the YSL Black Pumps- $795.00. They are very pricey, however, Jessica Simpson makes some very similar for $90.00

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  1. i'm also head over heels in love with boots...

    a common problem i have with shoes of any kind is the matching. can you please write about the brown/black dilemma?