Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recent Favorite

I'm always looking for great deals on great clothes. I was reluctant about sharing my recent favorite purchase, only because the picture just doesn't do it justice:) But take my word for it, this cardigan is such a steal! It's light weight which means you can still wear it during summer. I recently paired it with with some jeans and boots, and it turned out to be a trendy last minute outfit. I bought this turquoise color, but in the store there was also a pretty brown/cream color that I really liked. Depending on how you like to wear your clothes, you might want to go one size smaller so that it's a little more fitted. I always buy a size smaller for tops or dresses that are supposed to be baggy, because when there's too much material, you lose your shape and it becomes less flattering. This cardigan is on sale for $19.99 and I think it's well worth it! If you're thinking that's still a little too much to spend, then wait until after Christmas when most of their stuff is 70% off.

ELLE Shirred Dolman Cardigan- $19.99

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