Saturday, January 2, 2010

After holiday shopping

Maybe it was just me, but I thought the "after the holiday sales" were really disappointing! Most of the stores I went into had the same sales they usually do, or they only discounted the stuff that was junk. As I am in the process of building up my Christmas decoration stock, I was looking forward to buying a bunch of ornaments for 70%-90% off. Well that certainly was not the case. I did find a few cute things that were 50% off, but mostly the stuff in that price range were not worth buying at all. I realize this year was very hard for a lot of businesses to stay open, so maybe that is why they felt they couldn't afford to give customers the same discounts as years past? The poor discounts were not just with decorations, but with clothes as well. It's easy to get suckered into the sale frenzy, trust me I know, but you have to ask yourself if you're buying it just because it's on sale or is it a really great item at a great price? With all that being said, the one item that I found that matched the "great item at a great price" criteria was at Abercrombie. This sweater is very soft and slightly sheer so it's easy to layer. It's also a long sweater which is a trend I really got into this year. The regular price was $60, but it is now on sale for $19.90. I bought two in different colors because I liked it so much, and for an Abercrombie sweater, it's an awesome deal! Did anyone else find some great deals??

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