Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work it

I realized since I spend the majority of my hours in work clothes, I tend to buy things that are versatile- clothes that are for work and on the weekends. As I started to look for items that describe what I currently own, I thought Banana Republic would be a good place to start. Coincidentally, the opening page on their woman's section is titled "work it" and shows a lot of business casual outfits. I'd like to point out that I did name my blog before I even saw this :) Also, I did find quite a few items that would describe the pieces that I like to wear to work, and on the weekends, if paired with something more casual. All of these are from Banana Republic and can be purchased on their website if you don't have a store nearby. Oh, and one last thing, anything they consider business casual is 25% off right now!







  1. Working hard isn't easy, so that's why I reward myself with cute clothes! Is that what you do?