Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Purses under $100

I love the excitement of buying a new purse! Transferring all your stuff into the new one and getting it all nice and organized. Telling yourself that you really will keep it this organized the whole time you own it. Thinking that this might be the last purse you ever buy because it's so perfect and the thought of needing another one seems ridiculous. For the first week I can usually stick to my word on keeping it organized- I won't throw my gum wrappers or receipts in it, i try to keep lip glosses in a separate pouch so they won't leak, and I keep all my hair accessories together to avoid loose bobby pins roaming around. Once that is over, the satisfaction I felt which led me to think I would never need a new purse fades away too. This is when the purse shopping begins, and the cycle starts all over. To this day, my mom still has a different purse every time I see her. Of course she claims that it's not new and that she's had it forever, but I know the truth because she's passed her love for purses down to me. If you're in the market for a new purse I would start by looking in any discount store like TJ Maxx. They have such great deals on some very high quality bags. Yesterday I saw a great Cynthia Rowley tote for $150, when it would have originally sold for $450. If that doesn't interest you then take a look at a few others I picked out that are all under $100...the pink ones my favorite:)

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