Friday, June 11, 2010


One style that I absolutely love this summer, but still have not purchased one for myself, are Rompers! I'm usually not into a one piece of anything unless it's a dress, but I was quickly won over once I saw how many styles and patterns these come in. I only care for the short rompers, but there are some people who can rock the pants as well- they're just not my style. I would say that almost every woman's/junior clothing company is producing a version of these, so the prices really vary. The other great thing about a romper is that they're mostly loose fitting, so for those who don't usually feel comfortable wearing shorts they're a great alternative. Here are a few of my favorites this season:


  1. I can see you wearing these! You would look adorable in them!! The grey one with the buttons that you have listed above, would look especially cute on you!! :)

  2. I think rompers are so cute, but I haven't bought one yet. Thanks for listing some great ones to think about :)