Friday, November 12, 2010

Such a Steal!

Like many of you, I have been doing a lot of boot shopping. I can be very indecisive about these because I prefer to buy a pair that's more expensive so that they will last me a few seasons.  I have a few pairs on my list that are sure to be in my closet for the long term, but I'm waiting for Christmas gift cards before I make my purchase:) Now of course I couldn't wait until Christmas for everything so when I walked by the window at Cathy Jean and saw the sale sign, it was destiny stepping in. It had only been days earlier that I walked by that store and saw a pair of flat suede over the knee boots on display, and said to myself (and my husband) "I really want those boots!". The difference this time is that they were on display with a 70% off sign! Now I'm not sure if you realize this but typically the clothes and shoes that are in season and style do not go on sale for a substantial amount. In other words, I wouldn't have expected to see these boots so cheap until the beginning of Spring. I did indeed make the purchase of these boots and I absolutely love them! Not only that, but I've received compliments on them every time I have worn them. The regular price of the boots are $119.99, but they are now on sale for $36.00. I bought them in taupe but they come in a total of 4 colors. I would really recommend these boots to anyone who is looking for a new pair this season! 

*If you're interested in buying them online click here- They're offering free shipping on orders over $35 

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