Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jimmy Choo & UGG

Happy New Year's!! We are in our second day of 2011 which coincidentally feels a lot like 2010:) January might be one of my least favorite months simply because I associate it with Christmas being over, but I know some may like it due to it being a fresh start to a new year. Either way, we are still in the winter season which means we're still dressing warm and wearing boots!
Right before the holidays I was shopping with my mom and we stopped by the Jimmy Choo store to take a look at the new boots they've collaborated with UGGs on. These are two very popular brands both of which almost everyone has heard of but they also couldn't be any different. The boots are a limited edition collection and range in prices from $595-$795. I really love the UGG brand but I'm a little disappointed that the design team dropped the ball on these. They really could have come up with some sleek boots, but apparently their idea of that was adding lots of studs. I shouldn't be too disappointed because it's not as though I had planned on buying a pair, but i did think the collaboration of the two brands was very interesting. Email me if you own or pair or know someone who does because I'd love to hear your opinion on them!


  1. I don't own a pair of UGGs for reasons I won't get into on here but I can have an opinion on them.I don't love the design but I don't hate it either.I mean I have seen worse.I think the boots are flooded with studs and it makes them look a tad tacky.I know some people find them a bit overpriced and some think they're not flattering to the leg.

    I've bookmarked your blog & looking forward to your next entry.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment! Yes I agree that there are worse out there- they just remind me of a design Wet Seal or Forever21 would be selling. Anything overpriced and unflattering seems like a big mistake, lol. Thanks for reading!