Sunday, January 9, 2011

Outfit of the Day & Boots Review!

So I had some trouble finding the brown pair- they seem to be sold out in most places. I did find a place to buy the black pair, which are just as great, have them as well and attached the link below. I'll keep looking for the brown and post an update if I find them!

Report Fairfax 3 Boots- Black


  1. Would you please make another video where you step back a bit more or angle the camera down? I love the outfit, but you can't see really see the complete boot from where you're standing in the video.

    It would be great if you could model them one more time. One thing a person I used to subscribe to on YouTube would do is make an Outfit of the Day commentary, and then walk around at the end of it and model the outfit. Near the end of each video, she'd put a random object on the ground and step on it until it broke, and then continue showing off whatever she wore. It was different, but it added some spice to her videos.

    And I think it's great that you're going to start doing video updates and update more frequently. YouTube starts paying when you pass the 5,000 subscriber threshold. :P


  2. Hi E! Thanks for the comment! These boots will definitely be in more videos, so I will be sure to angle the camera better so that you can see them. Also, I'm working on getting another camera because right now I'm using the one of my computer- I think it will be easier to angle it when I do.

    I really appreciate the advice and I'm currently still playing around with a few different ideas on how to make the videos my own. It may take a few more videos before I get it right, but I'm sure it will be soon.

    Thanks so much for watching/reading!

  3. That's great to hear Stephanie. I look forward to seeing your future updates.

    Making your videos stand apart from others shouldn't be too hard for you. I have a friend that's majoring in fashion design, and some months ago she asked me to start illustrating for her since I was in graphic design. I was pretty skeptical since I'm a typical guy, but I decided to help her out since I couldn't do much with a broken tibia and fractured femur.

    Since then, I've gone through hundreds (if not over a thousand) of fashion-related videos on YouTube for illustration ideas and basic fashion know-how, and I can honestly say that your video was a breath of fresh air. The vast majority of the people you'll find on YouTube seem a bit condescending and prosaic, but you seem really down to earth and friendly. You're also very articulate, and it's easy to listen to you. To top it off, your intro is by Death Cab For Cutie, and that band is one of my guilty pleasures. :P You also had the Dave Matthews Band for another intro, so you're off to a great start in my opinion.

    And since it's winter, are you going to be doing a lot of videos with boots? I'm asking because they're key for my fashion illustrations until it warms up a bit.

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words! I REALLY enjoy writing the blog and making the videos, so it would be great if people really took to them. I do agree that there are a lot of similar personalities on youtube, but I guess it works for some.
    I'm glad you like my music selection! I like it too:) Hopefully I can keep it up...I have to choose from what's on my computer and I lost of a lot of good songs when I merged 2 ipods...long story, lol.
    Yes more boots will be coming...and I'll re-show the Report boots that were in my last video because I wear them a lot.I should have a new one up this weekend:)

  5. Stephanie, great outfit!!! You look gorgeous! I would guess your friends as well as your husband loved the outfit, and especially the Report boots. Sometimes men are clueless and don't appreciate great boots or pumps.

    I second what E said about modelling the outfit so that one can see the complete outfit as well as this nice pair of Report OTK boots. The store where you bought them no longer shows this item. The Abercrombie skinny jeans are perfect-fitting, I love the top from Nordstrom, and the brooch is really cute.

    You are well-spoken in your videos. You also mention a good point about the the back of the boot top having a slit so that it is easier to walk. No one wants a boot where one's leg is stiff like a robot when walking. I have heard this about Dressage riding boots from a friend who rides. Another style of an OTK boot is that elastic back where the back of the boot is an elastic cloth material. I do not care for this look.

    All in all, great video and outfit.


  6. Stephanie, before buying these Report boots, did you consider the Aldo Manzi OTK boots or the Max Studio Malta OTK boots? Those are in the $250 to $270 price range. The Max Studio boots may be on clearance at Macy's.

    Your boots would actually be considered as thigh boots. I think over the knee (OTK) covers the front kneecap and exceeds it by an inch at the most. Your boots come up about three inches above the top of your knee. I do not know how tall you are, but for some women, either ones who are shorter in height or have shorter legs, OTK boots can fit like thigh boots or practically look like wader or crotch boots. In your case, the boots fit well on you and look good. I assume you know this - Kim Kardashian wears Report thigh boots. It seems like it is best to wear OTK or thigh boots over skinny jeans as opposed to a skirt.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  7. Hi Bobbie, thanks for the comments! Yes very true that sometimes men are clueless, but I got really lucky with mine because he's actually the one who bought them for me! I had my eye on these boots for some time and he knew that, but because they were a gift, I really didn't do much research on any other. I have seen other great over the knee boots while shopping, but I'm so happy with these REPORT ones and I think they are definitely worth the price.
    I agree they that could be considered thigh high boots, which might not work for everyone. It definitely depends on your height and it's unfortunate that really short women would have a harder time pulling them off. I know this because my mom and sister are on the shorter side and tried mine on, lol. I work for a designer shoe company and last week a few were saying how many expected the over the knee boot to be a bigger trend then it ended up being. I think this is almost completely due to the fact that they look so different on each person. I personally don't care if they remain in style next year and the years after, I will be wearing them anyways! lol I get a compliment on them every single time I wear them, no joke.
    Anyways, thank you so much for watching the video! I have done 2 more videos with the boots in them but I felt the quality wasn't up to par so I didn't post. I get a new camera in a week (my birthday present) so I will re-record as soon as I can!

  8. Hi Stephanie. Thanks for your reply, which was very well-written.

    I want to wish you a happy birthday in advance.

    We look forward to seeing the upcoming videos.

    You are right about OTKs not being for everybody, as your sister and mother unfortunately can attest to firsthand. Having short legs and/or being short is really the prohibiting factor. I have seen ladies who are short wearing OTKs or even thigh boots, and they looked good. Another factor may be that you are in California. Though, some celebrities there do wear OTK or thigh boots. The OTK/thigh boots seem popular in the midwest and probably the east coast. I have also seen numerous people wear the low-heeled black OTKs with the elastic back.

    Your husband is thoughtful as well as generous (those Fairfax 3s are not cheap). It helps that he knew that you have been looking at these boots and really liked them. Some women do not wear boots and even get "put off" if a husband/boyfriend requests or buys a pair of sexy footwear.

    Those are nice boots, and you will always find an opportunity to wear them. You can wear them to work with a knee-length skirt so that the skirt hides the tops of the boots. Your workplace may not be conservative (like a stuffy law firm) so you could even wear them over jeans or slim-fitting pants/leggings. Another blogger posted a picture at work of herself wearing heeled thighboots over skinny jeans. OTK/thigh boots really look best over skinny jeans/pants. Wearing them with a mini or a super short skirt is an absolute no no! Even guys will misperceive the wearer. I would bet that virtually every guy out there will compliment or approve of wearing really tall boots, even if they are not in vogue. It's the ladies that can be snippy and critical. A decade ago, one colleague laughed at me when I suggested tall boots over pants. She must have forgotten about the seventies and eighties, and look at how popular fashion boots over skinny jeans became these last several years.

    Unrelated to this thread - I really like those YSL pumps. But wow, are they expensive! Have a good Valentine's Day as well.