Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best of Fall 2012

Fall will be here before you know it. It's my favorite wardrobe season so I am extremely excited. I was very happy to see that leather, white and cable knit sweaters are all on the list.  Here are a few other trends you will be seeing more of:

1. Modern Military
2. Plaids and tweeds
3. Jumpsuits
4. Burgundy
5. Blue & Black mixed

Which one are you looking forward to the most??


  1. Modern Military

    Though in that pic, the pants need to be slim, and not cargo style.

    It would be nice to see equestrian as well. Like the Ralph Lauren style.

  2. Modern Military is one of my favorites too:) I like the cargo's with those boots but I think in general I would also prefer skinny cargo's but that's because I love heels! The Fall/Winter collections by Ralph Lauren are usually my favorite of all their lines- I like the tweed pieces they're putting out this year.

  3. LOVE the Fall/Winter! I do like the cable-knit sweaters! Cozy! :)

  4. I love it too! I wish Fall would get here already, lol