Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bright Saturday

Earrings- Bebe
Necklace- Tiffany's
Shirt- Loehmann's
Leggings- Savee Couture
Shoes- Red Kiss Kouture

To continue with my post about printed leggings, here are one of my favorites pairs. The color and stitching detail make them a great Summer pant and they're extremely comfortable. I like the idea of pairing them with a bright colored shoe like these yellow ones, but if that's a little too bright for your taste, a neutral color would work too. 


  1. One of my favorite things about your style is how you make really simple and flowy (is that even a word?) tops work with literally everything. Out of all the fashion blogs I read, I think that you have the best sense of style; or my favorite at the very least :)

  2. Hi Mim, wow thank you for the compliment and for reading!! I do tend to wear simple tops when there is a lot going on with the rest of my outfit- I like trendy/fashion forward but not over the top. I also want it to be relatable to the people reading:)


    1. I think your "simple. classy. perfect." tagline sums your style up pretty well!
      When my fall semester of school starts, I'm going to use your outfits as the bases of my illustration assignments if you don't mind. :)

  3. Hi Mim, thanks so much :) I wouldn't mind at all- happy to help! Thank you for reading !!

    ~ Stephanie