Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mello Yellow

Top- Loehmann's
Jeans- Hudson
Shoes- Auri Footwear
Bracelets- Express and Bebe
Earrings- LA Fashion District

I absolutely love yellow. Love, love, love it. Maybe it's because it does tend to be a good color for blondes? Funny enough, it's not a color my closet has a lot of. I'm not exactly sure why that is but I'm very happy I went through with the purchase of this blouse. Something I also really like is mixing yellow and red. It's not a combination I had really played around with before this year, but it's definitely growing on me.


  1. Very stylish outfit. The yellow top goes well with the blue jeans. Really cool platform pumps. Are they comfortable?


  2. The shoes are actually very comfortable because Auri footwear has a special design on the gel soles that are in their shoes. I think they actually have a patent on the design- it's pretty cool :)