Saturday, August 18, 2012

Next Summer

Off to see the World...

Can it hurry up and be next Summer already?? My husband and I have started planning a trip to Europe and I could not be more excited! I have already been mentally picking out outfits and this is one of the versions I have in mind. Of course I haven't researched weather too much so who knows. I am definitely picturing something centered around a pair of riding boots, so I'm on the hunt for a pair in the next few months:)For sensable travel shoes Sanuk is one of my favorite brands. I know Tom's shoes are extremely popular for this but the look of them just doens't do it for me. And we all know it's all about looking


  1. You should love Europe! Do you have any idea where you plan on going? My favorite places are Italy, Greece, Germany, and Switzerland. I think the next time I'm in the northern part, I'm going to go to Sweden or Finland.

    And I completely agree with you about Toms! They are for Summer what Uggs are for Winter. lol

    And if you're thinking about riding boots, you might want to look at Frye. They're really expensive, but they're all such high quality boots that the price is completely worth it in my opinion. I've also heard good things about Michael Kors.

  2. Yes we are visiting England, France, Italy & Germany! Thank you for the tip on the riding boots...You are right about Frye. Definitely pricey but seem like they're really good quality. I like ones with detail like buckles and straps and a lot of Frye's seem to be very simple, from what I've seen. I fell in love with a Sam Edelman pair but of course they ended up being from last season and sold out:( That's okay because I still have some time, lol.

  3. I had a pair of riding boots with hardware that I absolutely loved. I might buy them again, especially since I have classes coming up and I'd like to be draw them in detail as well.

    I found a link to a place that carries them:

    They also have brown and grey too.

    And do you know any French? When I went to France I found that some of the people were rude when I couldn't speak it well. It's a great place, but quite a few of the locals aren't very welcoming to tourists. :/ It's usually the only complaint that people have though.

    I think you'll have the most fun in Italy! :) Everyone was really friendly the times I went. Just be careful around the restaurants, especially if you're a light eater like I am. They have a way of always talking you into getting more food. And it's all so At least you'll have a beautiful place to run/jog your guilt away in the mornings. :P

  4. Wow those are great! I'm looking for a brown pair, but who knows, I might buy a black pair too:) i love the buckles on them.

    No I don't know any French YET, lol. I bought some CD's to learn so I need to get on that. I have heard they are rude there so I'm expecting it but I can be pretty sassy so I think we'll be ok :)

    My husband just informed me that we're also going to Spain which I'm so happy about! It's his job to learn Spanish now, lol.

    That's very good info about Italy, I'm extremely excited about that Country. And I love to run so that's perfect! I'm also a light eater but Italian food is my guilty pleasure so I'll have to make sure I don't indulge too much or at least do lots of walking- I want to fit into my clothes when I get back, haha.

  5. That website has a horrible layout. If you look right above the item description, you'll see three pink buttons labeled "Previous," "Listing," and "Next." If you click "Next" you'll see the brown pair, then the grey pair, then the tan pair. :)

    Haha, let me know how the sass works out for you! I was surprised by the negative response to my broken French, so I just apologized and walked away without saying anything else. But I made sure to apologize in a really sad, muted tone so that they'd possibly feel bad about it later. :P

    Spain is home to the BEST seafood EVER! It's light, healthy, and delicious. And when you're in Italy, try and get to Naples if you haven't planned to go there already. Everything about that city is amazing! It's absolutely beautiful, and the best cuisine in Italy is there. And you'll almost always be able to look out into the sea.

    All this talk of Europe makes me want to tour it again. lol