Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stripes & Studs

Shirt- Cotton On
Pants- Rock & Republic for Kohl's
Shoes- Zigi Soho
Necklace- Cost Plus World Market

I'm loving the combination of maroon and blue, which is awesome because both of them will be popular Fall colors. About a month ago I did a post on a pair of Zigi Soho pumps that I had just bought and I mentioned that they sent me a mis-matched pair. Well unfortunately they didn't have the correct size to replace them with so I had to buy them in another color. The first pair I bought were nude suede, which I loved, but I do have a lot of nude color heels so maybe it was for the best. These are the replacement heels in a royal blue. I've come to realize that I love studs on anything- shoes, jackets, bracelets, shirts, headbands'll be seeing more of them from me.


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