Monday, August 13, 2012

Warm & Sunny

Shirt- Annalee + Hope
Shorts- Blank
Shoes- Rock & Republic for Kohl's

Boy has it been hot lately! Coming from a girl that loves her layering, it's starting to become a problem. I'm also kind of obsessed with knowing the weather forecast which means I already know that the next 7-10 days aren't looking any better. Anyways, I'm making the best of it by pulling things out of my wardrobe that I know I can't wear in a few months time.


  1. I love the neck on that shirt! The way it's colored almost makes it look like you have a scarf. I really like those bracelets too!

    But I think your dog stole the show. :P He's too cute!

  2. Thank you! It does look like a scarf, I thought the same thing:)

    Yes my dog definitely stole the show, lol. Thanks for reading!