Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall is Here...Near

Fall is here...near

I am a little behind on my blogging lately, due to the end of Summer and my schedule getting kicked up a notch. I'll be taking some more pictures this weekend but I wanted to show this cute Fall outfit in the mean time. I love this sweater and love the designer, Gina Tricot, but unfortunately it's not available in the US. I torture myself by being her fan on Facebook and looking at all the new collection posts, knowing I can't buy any of it :( Hopefully soon the Swedish based company will expand outside of Europe. However, the wonderful yellow and grey scarf by Tory Burch is available here...And doesn't that coffee look good?


  1. Looks like you were able to resolve your riding boot situation! I never imagined you as someone who would go for something that looks so rugged though.

    And it's not nice to spread your agony D: Now I'm going around to Swedish websites and trying to find a way to get my hands on Gina Tricot clothing! It looks like eBay is the only option when it comes to international shipping. Then again, I can't understand anything on the Swedish pages, so I'm not entirely sure :P

  2. haha Mim, you're right, rugged usually isn't my style but i really like the buckles on these boots:) I didn't buy this pair but I did like they way they looked with this outfit...as far as a purchase for myself, I'm still shopping around for the perfect pair:)

    Yes I have gone through the same obsessive behavior trying to figure out a way to get someone to ship to the US! I've even translated the pages through google so I can read it, haha. Not only are her clothes so stylish, they're extremely affordable! Well hopefully soon they'll realize how much they're need outside of Europe :)