Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GBK Pre-Emmy Gift Suite

Like I mentioned before, I went to the GBK Pre-Emmy celebrity gift suite a few weeks ago. There were so many great vendors there with amazing products and many wonderful charity foundations as well. All in all, I probably met about 150 people over the course of 2 days. My favorite people to meet were the ones from the TV shows that I watch- The Office, True Blood, Downton Abbey, Arrested Development etc.

I was lucky enough to walk away with a few gifts myself, which I have been thoroughly enjoying. The watch is from a company called Jorg Gray. They have quite the celebrity following and just recently came out with a women's line of watches in addition to the men's. I had a choice between a square faced watch with some bling or the one pictured. As much as I liked the bling the other watch had, I really preferred the round face of the one I got. I love it and have worn it almost every day since!

A skincare company called MH3, Miracle Hydrate is an anti-aging system that uses Innovenom, a viper-synthetic ingredient, that has the same effect as topical botox. In my opinion, it's never too early to start using wrinkle creams so I have been using the whole MH3 system since I got it. I noticed a slight difference within a few days but mostly I'm just using it to slow the aging effects on my skin and prevent any new wrinkles:) I'm already worried about what I'm going to do when I run out because this stuff is expensive! But definitely worth it...

Lastly, there was a shoe company called Ron Donovan showcasing their line of women's heels. Seriously gorgeous shoes!! This is the one company I would have loved to walk away with a sample, since I am an avid shoe lover, but they weren't as generous as some of the other vendors. However, the real thing I was a little disappointed by was their website. When I came home from the event I wanted to buy a few pairs I saw at the show, but they don't have online shopping available, plus the shoes on their website just don't do the company justice. The heels I saw in person were so amazing but none of them seem to be on there:( Anyways, I wanted to mention them simply because they really did have great shoes and I have a feeling you'll start seeing more of them.


  1. I think I might have drooled a little when I saw that watch, but I'm not sure since the time I spent staring at it seems like one giant blur. I want one!

    And Tony Hale's face is priceless in that picture!

  2. Yes the watch is great! I've really worn it almost everyday- I like that it has a little circle with the date in it, that has become very convenient.

    Agreed about his expression, haha. His personality is very normal but it's funny that when he took the picture it looks like he was in character, lol.

  3. So you actually got to talk with all of them? It would be so awesome if Tony Hale was basically the same as Buster from Arrested Development! He was totally my favorite character. Any noteworthy conversations?

  4. Yes I talked to all of them, plus many more. I was kind of expecting him to be like Buster, which definitely would have been funny, but he was very normal:) I asked if Arrested Development was coming back and he said they just filmed the first episode of a new season! Plus he said Liza Minnelli will be coming back for her role as the neighbor again:)