Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pin Stripe

Leather Jacket: Guess (last year), Knit Tank: Vince, similar here, Pants: Target, Scarf: DIY, Boots:    Velvet Angels, Cleo (old), Necklace: JewelMint, Ring: Nordstrom

I was very happy to see that pin stripe pants are in, especially because I've had this pair in my closet for 2 months but hadn't worn them. What's even better is that I got this very inexpensive pair from Target. Can you tell the difference between these and the more expensive versions from Paige or Acne? I can't! It's been mostly sunny but very chilly lately...of course, I throw on a scarf and boots for anything under 70 but seriously, it's been cold, lol.



  1. love the pants and jacket... also the a-symetrical shirt on the blog before last... catching up here... i'm feeling like such hag after looking at these pics... this is making me want to go shopping!!!

    ps... youre beautiful...

    1. Aw thanks Elissa!! I got the top on the last blog for $10 dollars at Nordstrom Rack:) I was pretty excited, lol. Let me know when you want to go shopping, I'm always ready!

  2. We have about 2 inches of snow here (yay! :D), what's the weather been like in Cali?

    I also love this look. The entire thing is gorgeous :) And I also see that you're obsessed with JewelMint, haha. I have a ton of things from them. I was going to enter your contest, but I also have that pendant as well :P

    And when my classes resume, do you mind if I use this outfit for one of my illustration assignments? We do detailed sketches of outfits pretty much every week, and I've taken a lot of inspiration from your blog over the course of the year. :)

  3. I'm so jealous of the snow! It's been slightly raining every now and then but nothing worth mentioning, lol. Yes I've been into JewelMint a lot lately, lol. That's so funny that you have the vintage horn necklace! I'm going to do a giveaway every month so I hope you will enter! And yes you can always use the outfits for illustrations... I'm so happy you've found inspiration from them! Merry Christmas!!