Friday, January 11, 2013

Fossil Smart Wallet

I had my eye on the Michael Kors smart wallet for some time and thought that I would ultimately end of purchasing it. I went to Macy's two different times to try to force my iphone 5 into the one that is supposed to fit an iphone 5, but it just wasn't happening. I mean, yes, technically I got the phone to fit but it took some work and then it was almost impossible to get out. I tried the "maybe it will stretch" and the "it probably won't even bug me" thought process, but in the end I decided against it. So that leads me to talk about what I did buy which is a similar wallet by Fossil. My phone fits perfectly in it, with the case on, and there is still plenty of room for credit cards and cash. I wanted this type of wallet because I tend to put my phone in my back pocket a lot when running errands and I have dropped it many times because of that. This is perfect for walking the dog in the morning or meeting some friends for drinks. I am very happy I chose to go with this one and the black snake print is a nice touch:) Oh, and the best part is it's cheaper!

You can purchase it here- it's on sale!



  1. Ahh I love this! I love how perfectly the iPhone fits in the wallet. So need something like this!


  2. It really is a handy little thing to have! I also LOVE the Tiffany and Co smart wallet but it's just a tad bit more expensive:) lol