Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tory Burch Giveaway (CLOSED)

Giveaway is closed: Click here to find out who won!

It's finally here... the chance to win this Roslyn wallet by Tory Burch! This giveaway will be open for one week, ending at midnight on January 29th. The winner will be announced around January 31st. To enter, follow all the steps below:

Step 1. Follow Purely Chic (through google friend connect or bloglovin') ------->
Step 2. Leave me a comment telling me what you look for in a fashion blog
Step 3. Check back to see if you won!



  1. I just started following your blog on Bloglovin' last week! When I read fashion blogs, I'm interested in getting outfit inspiration, as well as where to find of the minute pieces. By reading fashion blogs I've really developed my own personal style and have found many more places to shop I hadn't thought of previously. Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your posts!



  2. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful wallet! I dream of owning a Tory wallet!!! I am following you via GFC as kellierosewilson! I look for a fashion blogger who has similar taste as me and likes many of the same brands. I enjoy seeing good quality pictures on a blog and really like it if the blogger is active on social media like twitter, facebook, and instagram. Thanks for being a great blogger! :)

    kelliescamera at gmail dot com

  3. AHHH I want this Tory Burch wallet so so much!!

    Step 1: I am already following you on GFC and BlogLovin'!
    Step 2. I look for ways that bloggers inspire their readers whether it's through their write-ups or their photos. I always love going through other blogs. It's the best form of inspiration.

    email: gl.hautecoutureblog@gmail.com

    Really hope I win this!!

    I have a giveaway on my blog as well!

  4. how great! i follow you on Bloglovin - name Radmila.
    in a fashion blog i look for inspirations how to combine and match pieces. I also love quality pictures.
    Thanks, Radmila, rada76@Mail.ru

  5. I follow you on GFC. I look for inspiring outfit combinations and links to buy them!

  6. I follow via GFC + I always love fashion blogs that illustrate attainable looks. (i.e. nothing outlandishly pricey!)


  7. I follow you!
    I always love ones that have clothes that people would actually wear all day, and good pictures!!


  8. awesome giveaway! i follow you via gfc.
    i love real style for real prices combined with great photos!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  9. I look for fashion that is easy to try and different pattern combos!

    love this give-a-way!

  10. Hi! I followed you via bloglovin'

    I look for attainable & affordable fashion as well as creative girly ways of creating style with accessories.

    Clear photos and fun writing is always a plus too!! :)

    Roxy rybarr89@gmail.com

  11. Hi! I am now following you on GFC. I love fashion blogs that inspire me to look my best. As a fellow fashion blogger I sometimes get depressed when I see a blogger wearing items I will never, ever be able to afford. But when I find a real person wearing real clothes taking real pictures (not using a professional) and telling about their real lives, then I get inspired once again to be the best fashion blogger I can be.

    -xo Julie of TwoShopperMoms.blogspot.com (b/c moms care how they look, too!)

  12. Hi! I'm a new follower via GFC (Kim Pincombe-Cole) after discovering you on twitter.
    Like most, I look for great pictures and outfit/style inspiration (including where to buy) on fashion blogs. More importantly, I like the personal editorial content that accompanies it ~ were you going to brunch with the inlaws, running errands, attending a party? It helps me picture how I can incorporate the look into the activities in my life! I also love little, fun personal info, as it makes me feel more connected to a blogger as a person (not just an 'ad' for specific brands) and I find myself returning to the blog on a daily basis.
    Tips, tricks, and opinions on upcoming trends are fun too! And responding to readers is always a plus...
    Thanks the giveaway opportunity :))

    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

    1. Changed email address (new internet provider) since I posted this message. My info is now:
      Kim Pincombe Cole

  13. I like personal style pictures with out of the box looks. I also enjoy learning about new stores. I think you have a great, clean layout so I your blog is already great to gaze at.

  14. I'm a new follower through GFC and what I like is real people in everyday outfits and some personal info about the blogger so I can feel a connection. Looking forward to following you!

  15. following you through google
    i look for real clothes for real women
    i like to see diverse looks and expensive mixed with inexpensive

  16. I love the see looks that are obtainable for the average woman.
    But at the same time, no cookie cutter images - I like a bit of creativity, quirkiness!

    GFC: Tina Renee Barker
    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  17. I love blogs that feature clothes that I can wear. Some blogs feature clothes and I wonder is the person employed and if so, where can one wear those clothes on a daily basis. I do like looking at those type of blogs every once in a while but I like seeing things that I could wear going to work or at home with my kids.

  18. I look for outfit inspiration.....unexpected compinations!!!for fashion updates & for make up tutorials (because i lack in this section :P ).....

    I follow u on bloglovin - giannakoulia.v@gmail.com

    Vasia Giannakoulia

  19. I like to get outfit inspiration that has high and low end options... and to see what is new in stores and new trends!

    I follow you on bloglovin!

  20. I followed you! I love the pink wallet! In a fashion blog, I like to watch people's style who put together outfits without caring about the brand name. Sometimes it can be thrifted, or it can be an investment piece. I don't think it should matter... It only matters what you do with it!

  21. Great giveaway! I just started following your blog and look for outfit inspiration and ways to rework items in your closet in multiple ways (and a giveaway from time to time doesn't hurt either!) :-)

  22. What a great giveaway! Following you through GFC. What I look for in a fashion blog is not only great photos, but great style and content that can hold my attention. A great blog design is key too!

  23. I look for pictures that showcase all elements of the outfit, and then provide links to the items or similar items at the end of the post. Much like yours! :)

    Ease of reading is also a great thing.

    Following you through both bloglovin and GFC :)


  24. of course I follow you :) In a fashion blog I look for: 1)inexpensive accessories that can be matched with great outfits to give it that little extra POP! 2) color combo ideas and color pieces, as i tend to always go for black, brown, grey clothing 3) Cute wallets just like that pink Tory Burch one :) hehe


  25. Hi You!
    You know I'm a loyal follower! Love the shoes.

  26. I am a GFC follower! Jennifer Dysart

    In a fashion blog, I am looking for outfit ideas, interesting finds that inspire my own style, and a personal touch i don't get in magazines/big websites.

    email: jenni_412@yahoo.com

  27. following with GFC @sunchicka

    In a fashion blog I look for outfit ideas!


  28. I follow with GFC@daner26

    In a fashion blog I look for ways to update my wardrobe, upcoming affordable designers and looks to watch for, and how to mix and match and layer clothes. Thanks!

  29. I followed you on GFC. What I look for most from a fashion blog is variety. I get that everyone has their own style, but I like to see a variety. Like day outfits, night outfits, outfits that are superchic from designers, outfits that can be thrown together on a dime, thrift store outfits. I guess what I mean is comprehensive coverage on all aspects and a good knowledge base. I want to feel like I'm learning something when I read the blog, or that I'm taking away some valuable thought to make it worth the time to read the blogs.

  30. i look for confidence in the style, and something different from the others. personality, too.

  31. I look for DIVERSITY. I am a huge fashion/style lover...I could seriously live on the fashion section of Pinterest (ooops!). I don't consider myself to have a particular style I love being able to wear what I want depending on my mood. So with that, I love blogs that showcase an array of different looks and styles.

    xx, Cat

  32. Love your blog. For a fashion blog, I look for clothing that is easy to mix and match. I love diy fashion blogs. Affordable clothing, but yet fashion chic that makes you look a million bucks!

  33. LOVE this giveaway!! Fingers and toes crossed we win xo

  34. Love the wallet! Following you via Blog Lovin'. I look for something different, not just trends. Don't get me wrong, I love trends, but I look for pieces or colors that are little off the trend to mix in. Real life in a blog is always best! I can go on any site and see photos of clothes, but how the blogger puts them together is what keeps my attention.

  35. Hi! Of course I follow your blog because I love ya and it being about fashion makes it even better!!=) What I enjoy about a fashion blog is trends mixed in with traditional pieces. I also like seeing outfits that I might not personally wear or might not be even practical but are great fashion pieces and push the envelope so to speak. What a great idea the giveaways!

  36. Fabulous! Thanks for the shout out on twitter ~ I am a Google follower now too...I love seeing new trends, the latest from the runways, and mixing up classics, retail and vintage for one of a kind unique styling!

  37. I follow through GFC :)

    I look for fashion blogs that offer outfit posts and tips on ways to style pieces a few different ways. It helps me use what I have in my closet in ways I may not have thought of myself. My two fav inspirations for outfits are fashion blogs and my walk to work everyday in NYC.

  38. The blogs I love most are ones where the author has a similar style to me and are relatable. Original content is great, and honesty & humor of course!

    Fingers crossed! xo

    go for the glam

  39. I look for blogs whos author has a similar style to mine and highlights products/styles that are doable for the average person. I also like a clean looking blog with inspiring ideas :)

  40. I love the wallet! I just followed you through Google Friend Connect. I look for style that is attainable, yet unique. I like to be inspired to try different combinations of things that I would not necessarily come up with on my own.

  41. I look for someone with a great sense of fashion, style, knowledge and and writes in a way that makes the blog fun to read. I absolutely love love love this Tory Burch wallet and seriously hope I'm the lucky winner!! :)

  42. I look for bloggers who have styles that I want to emulate in my own fashion endeavors. I also like great photos and where to find great deals!

  43. Ooo great giveaway! I found out this via your Twitter! haha.. how cool is that??

    I normally look forward to fashion blogs for style and inspiration. That's how it helps me get my sense of style and figure out what I like and don't like out of my comfort zone.

    I followed you via GFC! Hope you can come by and check out my blog too! And maybe follow back?

    xo - Sheila