Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day at Disney

Last weekend we had a blast at Disneyland/California Adventure to celebrate my birthday! I showed up with all my pieces of flair, which happens to only be 3. In case you're wondering, flair is referring to the little Disney pins people buy and wear on their necklace or clothes. Speaking of which, I have a funny story...So I have an iphone 5 which means very short battery life, so naturally my phone was going to die half way through the day. I did bring my charger but wasn't sure if there was even a place to use it. Well thanks to google I found a website that has the location of all the outlets around the park, which I'm surprised I didn't already know about. Anyways, so the first one we found happened to be in the "hub" of where all the pin traders were. So we sat there in the middle of this area where all these people brought cases with their pins to put out on display and see if anyone wants to trade with them. We had no idea this was such a big deal... people take it very seriously, lol. We were there about 20 minutes so that my phone could charge and of course my husband starts chatting it up with one of the "traders" asking him all sorts of questions, so we really felt like we got the inside scoop. Anyways, I am in no way a pin trader but I am a little crazy about Disneyland, which is no secret to anyone who knows me. Overall we had a perfect day and I had a wonderful birthday. 



  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! I LOVE Disneyland too!! We went around Christmas and I just couldn't get over their decorations. :) We plan on going back again this December! hehe.. Your photos brings back the memories.. now I can't wait!!

    Also, I mentioned you in my blog post today. :)

    xo - Sheila

    1. Thank you! Christmas is the best time to go and my favorite time.. I was sad I didn't make it this year. Hopefully I'll be there in December too!

      Can't wait to check out your blog, I'm sure you styled the wallet perfectly!

  2. Happy belated! aaah I love Disneyland. Never tire of that place <3. I guess you could say i have 2 pieces of flair (but i have never worn them). My friend is one of those pin traders. I couldn't believe how seriously she took it! I think she stopped to look at every pin to look for a good trade. It was interesting.


    1. I can never get enough of it either! It borders pathetic, lol So funny about your friend- I had no idea this was such a "thing" I don't see what they get out of it but I guess they do:) Thank you for reading!! xoxo