Monday, April 15, 2013

Healthy Chocolate

3/4 C of Coconut Oil
2 Tbls of Cocoa Powder
4 Tbls Almond Butter
8 Cubes of Bakers Unsweetened Chocolate
1/4 C. of Maple Syrup (Grade B)
1/2 Tsp of Salt

*On the stove top, melt the bakers's chocolate and coconut oil (The bakers chocolate takes the longest to melt)
*When mostly melted add cocoa powder, salt and maple syrup
*Add the almond butter last- you don't want it to be fully melted into the chocolate, but mostly (it's tastes better)
*Pour mixture into separate silicon cupcake holders (that's what I used) or a brownie dish and you can cut it into pieces.
*Put in freezer or refrigerator until solid- since there are no artificial or preservative ingredients in this, it melts very quickly, so I like to keep it frozen and then pull out a piece when I'm ready to eat
*Store in freezer or refridgerator

Last week I actually made this chocolate recipe that I found on Pinterest. It's a little sweeter because it has sugar, but delicious! I would have taken pictures of that recipe but I did not mix the ingredients very good and the coconut oil ending of separating from the chocolate and freezing that way. It tasted the same, which is why they're gone, but they were not picture taking material. Anyways, so the above recipe is a combination of the one I tried last week and one that I got from my mother-in-law. Her recipe calls for chopped dates instead of the maple syrup- it's a little more work but also very good. So as you can see, I kinda love chocolate which is why I am in always in need of a healthy recipe. I prefer the ones with no sugar so that is why I didn't re-make the one from last week...also I have crazy amounts of maple syrup in my house due to a "cleanse" that I never followed through with:) Happy baking!



  1. Wow!According to your approach.I'm going to try.It looks delicious.

  2. Reese's are my weakness... This is something I need to try! Mmm