Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It may take a whole year to finish posting Europe pictures, but I'm having fun looking through them again. In case you're wondering why I'm wearing a neon vest and my husband has helmet hair in one of the pictures it's because we took a Segway tour through Rome. If you're comfortable looking like a geek then I highly recommend it. We got to see so many things that we wouldn't have been able to because of the time, plus our tour guide grew up in Rome so some of the places we saw are not well known by tourists. Rome is such a magical place with so much history- even their water fountains! Some of these pictures were taken on my iPhone and some with our camera, but you can see the beauty of the city in each of them. Oh yes, and the adorable dog in the window belonged to a store owner...I really wanted to let him out and play! By this time in the trip I was really missing our little Scotch, lol.


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  1. You two make looking like a geek hot :D I love all the pictures!!